Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Utilize the full resources of a dedicated single-tenant virtual server with our bare metal servers.

Demand Epic Bare Metal Servers

Our bare metal servers deliver a cost-effective solution to your high-performance infrastructure needs. Configure your bare metal server to your ideal specifications with the full resources of a dedicated single-tenant server. With access to such tremendous power and speed, our bare metal servers are optimal for intensive workloads. Instantly set up and configure your bare metal server with our easy-to-use platform. 

Maximum Redundancy And Reliability

Our single-tenant bare metal servers are designed to provide you with heightened security and reliability. With our FREE monitoring and alerting services, you are notified via text, email, or push notification if any outage, attack, or lapse in service occurs. We also have real-time replication available to ensure you always have another server to failover to if needed.

Ideal For High Performance I/O Intensive Applications

Utilize the power, storage, and speed of dedicated servers for your I/O intensive workloads. Our bare metals are pre-configured so that you can deploy in a matter of minutes. Simply select any desired upgradable options, sign up, and get started. Combine the scalability of the cloud with the control and security of your own private server with this affordable solution.

24/7 Support And Managed Services Available

Our professional network engineers are available 24/7 through our portal ticketing system and support phone line to ensure optimal network availability and performance. Managed services are also available so you can leverage our expertise by letting our team handle all of your updates/patches, backups, monitoring, and managed antivirus while saving your valuable resources for more important tasks. 

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