Database Managed Services

SQL Server requires constant attention to ensure optimal performance.  Learn how our expert team of SQL DBAs can focus on your SQL Servers so that you can focus on your business.


Our team of expert DBA's will review T-SQL code and tune indexes, using industry best practices to increase efficiency so you can rest easy knowing that your resources are being used as efficiently as possible.

Best Practice Reviews

Our Best Practice Assessments ensure your SQL Server environment is properly configured. From the hardware layer, to the Windows OS, to the Indexes on your tables, our team of DBAs will asses, recommend, plan, and with your approval implement those changes that really matter.

SQL Server Monitoring

SQL Server monitoring and alerting taken to the next level. Our DBA's keep a close eye on your SQL Server performance, availability, blocking chains, uptime, job failures and more. Our DBAs will be your DBAs.  They are your first responders and act with the same urgency as if they were in house in part of your internal teams.

Maintenance & Management

Let us maintain your SQL Server with best in class management techniques.  Backups, Integrity Checks, Index Rebuilds, Log Cycling...we will create a customized plan that keeps your business running optimally.

Daily expert reviews ensure that there are always a pair of eyes on your server, looking for changes and anomalies.

SQL Server Migration

Moving a SQL Server can be a complex project. Our DBA's are experts in migration strategy and can help you move your SQL Server to Epic hosting with the smallest of downtime windows. 

Reporting & Tools

The SQL Server Performance add-on to Epic Monitoring gives you a DBA level view into SQL Server that can help drive better development, intelligent decision making, and clear understanding of how your resources are being utilized. 

Let our experts be your experts.

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