Managed Services

Keep your infrastructure secure and up-to-date without tying up your IT team's time and resources.

Demand Epic Managed Services

Let our expert staff worry about the repetitive tasks to keep your environment secure and up-to-date, leaving more time for your team to focus on important projects to grow your business. Our managed services give you access to a team of the most experienced technical professionals to help manage, maintain, and monitor your infrastructure.

Worry-Free Patches and Updates

Making sure your patches are up-to-date can be a tedious task that might not always get the attention it deserves. Keeping all patches current is crucial in protecting your organization from security outbreaks and vulnerabilities. By utilizing Epic's managed services, you can rest assured that no patch or update is ever overlooked.

Scalable Managed Backups

As your business grows, your data storage needs tend to grow with it. This makes consistent backups a very critical yet time-consuming process. Our managed backups along with our scalable storage solutions provide worry-free data security. Take one more task off your plate and trust that your data is in safe hands.

Managed Antivirus

With more vulnerabilities and threats discovered each day, businesses must protect themselves with the most proactive methods. Our managed antivirus stays up-to-date with the most recent threats which are closely monitored by our security team. Mitigate your risk before it impacts your business and let our experts be there for you if an issue does arise.

Proactive Monitoring

Allow us to configure your monitoring as well as personally keep a close eye on your CPU, memory usage, disk space, and other critical statistics. Once any threshold is close to being met, we reach out with recommended upgrades to scale your resources to match your new workload. 

System Administration Support

With limited IT budgets and resources, keeping all systems running optimally can become difficult to manage effectively. Our system administration support can be used for a variety of services and will help fill in any gaps. Whether it's due to lack of hours in the day or lack of experience, call upon our expertise to help when needed.

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