Monitoring + Alerts

Monitor and set custom alerts for uptime, memory, CPU, heart beat, or volume usage.

Demand Epic Monitoring + Alerts

Configuring alerts allows you to monitor various aspects of your servers, such as: memory being used, percentage of CPU being used, if the server is responding to network requests, how much space is free on the disk, etc. You may set a duration that the threshold must meet or exceed before notifying users, define the group of users to be notified for each alert, determine how many notifications will be sent and how often. 

Monitor Your Uptime

Chances are, your business is heavily reliant upon your internet connection. That being the case, it is crucial that you be notified if any outage, attack, or lapse in service occurs. Our uptime monitor performs checks every minute to ensure your website or application remains online. Different check types include Ping, ICMP, Http/Https, DNS, TCP/UDP, E-mail, and SQL.

Only Receive The Alerts You Want's alerting service is fully customizable, so you choose who gets what alerts and the thresholds at which they are sent. Create groups of users to receive the alerts that apply to their job function. Choose whether to be alerted immediately or only after you experience downtime for a select amount of time. With your choice of push notification, e-mail, or text, you will be made aware of any instance you deem necessary.

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